Friday, October 8, 2010

2 years!

This is our 2-year anniversary! Well, close enough anyway, as Algodeal (or Tech4Quant, as it was known then) actually started in August 2008.

At the time, there were only 3 employees and we started by testing access to market data providers. We experimented with various technologies for almost 18 months before settling with our current solution.
We are now 8 and things are getting really exciting.

Sprout is now growing up.

Some things we did during those two years:
  • In 2009, wrote a market simulator (aka Market Runner), from scratch, in 6 weeks; we are still adding more features
  • In 2009, deployed 15 servers on our backtest grid; there are now 50 of them
  • End of 2009, moved offices from modern ones to classy, old-Parisian style ones --we love them!--, just in time for celebrating the new year; we are still in the vicinity of the Paris Bourse and the offices of a major French bank
  • In February 2010, opened our backtest platform to selected beta users; our website became open to all in April 2010
  • In September, added support for stocks and indices, on top of futures, for a total of 750 instruments (more than 5000 contracts, if all underlying futures contracts are counted)
  • As of October 8th, received 20,000 strategies and executed 3,500,000 backtests
  • As of October 8th, those 3,500,000 backtests (all submitted after February 2010) have used the equivalent of 2 years of CPU-time
We are currently focusing on implementing access to the live market. Only a couple of strategies will be selected at first while we tuned our service. This should happen in early 2011.
Later in 2011, we will expand live trading to more strategies. Well, at least to those that have been performing well!

We will keep a close eye to the best strategies on our system. If you haven't done so, now might be the time to submit your strategies to Algodeal. Make sure that they are selected for paper trading so that they are more visible to us.

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