Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Opening of Algodeal (private beta)

As of today, we have started to give access to our system to the people in the waiting list. All invited users can now use the system we have been working on for months, with the same computing power as our in-house experts.

If you were on the invitation list, you should have received an email by now. If not, get in touch with us.

Our tool helps you design automated investment strategies. It can execute strategies on your own computer, or submit them remotely to our grid for a more powerful simulation environment.
For a quick taste, our website can also do some limited online strategy edition.

What now?

If you've received the confirmation email from us, feel free to install our tool and start writing your strategies. Support is available on our support site, along with tutorials.

If we have sparked your interest, you might want to browse the slides on our website, as well as the screenshots and explanations on the support site. To go further, please request an invitation. When we will feel comfortable with giving wider access to our system, you will be the first to know.

As for us... we are back to adding more features. Oh, and maybe fix some of the bugs that just might appear.

Talk to you soon!

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